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Why homeopathy doesn't work

Modern drugs developed to counteract the progression of infection
Modern drugs developed to counteract the progression of infection

The homeopathic community in the United States continues to grow, but there is still little support for any of the claims homeopaths have made. Most homeopathic claims have no legitimate backing and are only anecdotes gathered from personal experience, imagination, or direct lies.

It is worth noting that many homeopaths are also members of religious demographics. Homeopathy is by modern terms considered to be a pseudoscience the same as religion. These patterns of belief often come together and repeat themselves in these demographics.

While homeopathy is not precisely a theistic belief, it is a pseudo scientific belief. Pseudosciences do not work for the reason that they are based on faith and belief. Faith is not appropriate in any form of medicine and believing that a contaminated lactose pill will cure you can become self destructive when used in lieu of required medicines. There have been several documented cases of HIV patients who discontinued use of their antiretroviral drugs and took on homeopathic remedies. All of these patients progressed into AIDS and died.

Not only does homeopathy not work in almost all cases, it can be a destructive influence to society when taken too far.