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Why hiring a wedding planner is the smartest decision you'll make

If you choose to be involved in planning your wedding, then here's a book to get you started
Michael Essany

January is almost over. For many couples that means sitting down and being immersed in the details of creating their special day.

The production of getting married has become a booming business. Wedding venues, caterers, and even television networks have capitalized off the dreams of little girls-turned ambitious women who have spent years visualizing what their wedding day will look like. From the color of the flowers to the hairstyles of bridesmaids to how many layers of cake to have, women analyze and deliberate for months. Sometimes they seek out the opinion of their better half. And that's where problems arise.

As a whole guys care less about the intricacies that goes into planning a wedding. If you told your groom-to-be that all he had to do was show up at the location with his vows ready, he'd gladly oblige. However, couples no longer work that way though. Women want their men to be involved in such major decisions. Your wedding and reception is essentially your one chance to be properly introduced as a socially accepted couple. Trying to accomplish such a feat on your own will beget unnecessary frustration. The happiest day of your life may even be the very thing that tears you apart. So the best way to avoid this is to hire a professional.

Wedding planners are trained in every facet imaginable when it comes to ceremonies and receptions. They can help you set a budget, schedule venue appointments, pick the perfect menu, and even create the guest list. Additionally, wedding planners serve as the objective party in those uncomfortable, complex disagreements. The decisions that will come up throughout wedding planning are often more emotionally-charged than business-focused. For example, let's say you have a groomsman who is a chronic procrastinator. Or one of your bridesmaids gets pregnant in the midst of your planning. Instead of ruining a friendship over one day, your wedding planner can handle the "you're being replaced" conversation without making you the villain.

Your wedding day is meant to be enjoyed. Some couples are so exasperated from the planning that when the day comes, they wish they would've gone the simplified route of eloping. No matter what your budget is, there's a wedding planner out there who will take the pressure off of you without putting the pressure on your wallet.

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