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Why heterophobia is an absurd term, directed against gays and lesbians

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While listening to a conservative talk show host, he stated that two men shouldn't have been married during the Rose Bowl Parade, this past January 1st, because it divides us as Americans.

The Rose Bowl shouldn't be about politics, he said. O.K., why does it divide us? Religion, that is why it divides us.

Would the host have stated that a wedding during the Rose Bowl of an interracial couple in 1966 shouldn't go on because it divided Americans?

After all, more Americans were opposed to interracial marriages that year then those oppose to marriage equality for gays and lesbians today. So would have such a wedding in 1966 during the Rose Bowl have been too divisive for Americans?

Second, I must comment on the term heterophobia. See, those opposed to gay rights have coined it in response to the term, homophobia. Many opposed to gay rights don't like that term because they state they don't necessary fear gays, but are opposed to gay rights. They have something of a point.

They might not fear individual gays, but some fear repressed feelings and some fear gay rights taking a stronger hold in society. So I guess it depends on how broadly you define the word phobia.

Now, hatred of gays, which many who are opposed to gay rights possess, isn't necessary fear, but it is a still strong emotion. Hatred is often a product of some type of fear, so maybe homophobia isn't a bad word, taken literally. But a separate question remains, are gays and their supporters guilty of heterophobia?

Of course not. It's absurd. Gay people and their supporters (now about 1/2 of all heterosexuals) don't oppose the right of heterosexuals or those opposed to gay rights to marry. They don't try to convert people in camps like those opposed to gay rights try to "pray away the gay".

Show me one gay man trying to repress being attraction to women, and while doing so calling heterosexual men vile names, and I would be shocked. They don't exist.

Heterophobia is a made up term. Now, are there gay activists who go to far in some of their tactics. Sure, I don't deny that. But that is true of any group. Gay rights supporters don't hate heterosexually or heterosexuals.

Finally, please check out the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Lambda Legal in order to further the cause of gay rights in America.