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Why He came as a baby

"It's hard to look at the face of a baby and not feel love."
"It's hard to look at the face of a baby and not feel love."
Courtesy: DRReeves

He could have burst through the clouds in all His power and glory. {As Creator of the Universe He certainly had the ability.}

He could have arrived in mighty majesty and challenged the current rulers of earth. (Tiberius and Herod had no idea who they'd be dealing with.)

Instead He chose to come as a helpless infant, in a setting better fit for animals than human beings.


Because this time God's message was love.

The God who delivered deluge, fire and brimstone, and exile wanted to demonstrate how much He wanted to identify with humanity. So the face He chose to show it was the face of a baby. This choice would set into motion a life He invited all mankind to exemplify. In His saga of empathetic experience, He would personify the spirit of the Law that He had given His chosen people. Before it ended, He would not only spell it out--" love your God with your whole heart, your whole mind and your whole soul...and your neighbor as yourself", he would live it out--with His death on the cross.

For mankind "do as I say" hadn't seemed to work. It was time to add the "do as I do" that would last for ages.

God became man not only to dwell among us, He was born to live out the full human experience. He knew poverty, loss, misunderstanding, rejection and pain. He experienced excruciating suffering and a humiliating death. The depth of his empathy was beyond anything we could imagine. We could never say to our God: "You don't know what it's like!"

It's hard to look into the face of a baby and not feel love. It's a face that asks for nothing yet needs everything. It's a face that shows trust without question and inspires self-sacrifice never before realized.

Let's remember that when we imagine the face of God.

Let's make it a resolution for 2014 and every year that follows.

Note; This article was inspired by a sermon from Monsignor John Urell of St. Timothy's parish here in Laguna Niguel. I thought it only fitting to establish a tradition of posting it Christmas morning.

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