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Why have an outdoor job?

great outside job
Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

There are a lot of people who are working for corporations stuck in cubes with no windows in their area to see the outside world. To feel trapped all day for 8 hours thinking about what is going on outside is a very uncomfortable feeling. Living the sedentary life style of sitting at your desk and not moving around is a very good reason why a lot of us gain weight. Most people go through life trying to survive at their job dealing with a lot stress. What if you had a chance to work outside with the same pay, would you take the opportunity? Would you do things different if you had a choice?

If you think about the history of mankind, we are a civilization who originated from working outside with our hands in building things of value. The work performed by our ancestors was used to benefit society and to help mankind survive the environment. We as a civilization need to find our way in getting to work more outside. We need to enjoy the bountiful fruits of nature and feel the warmth of the sun rays as we work outside. This is a natural way to help us relieve stress.

Working outside also helps you stay in shape by moving around. Too often, we sit at our desks working all day and after work we then walk to our car to drive home. Once we get home, we are too tired to get on a treadmill to take care of our health. We have to take care of our family and do our household chores. This is why if you live in California that a delivery service orange county could be very helpful. This is very helpful service to give you the time you need to concentrate on your workout then on household chores. You need to really think about the advantages of working outside versus having a normal 9 to 5 job would have on your well being.

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