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Why has pot become so popular in Colorado?

Common dispensary sign.
Common dispensary sign.

With a huge presence in the local media some Coloradans have been wondering why is pot so popular all of a sudden?  

The answer is medical marijuana and more specifically the introduction of the medical marijuana dispensary.  Stores that sell legal pot have been popping up all over the state and they can be found in high concentrations in Denver and Boulder.  

Medical marijuana has many medicinal uses for many ailments all the way from terminal cancer to migraine headaches.  Medicinal marijuana users can legally grow their own medicine, in turn, the patient can get large amounts of medicine at a low cost.  Most people don't have the start-up capital or know-how to correctly grow their own medicine so they must rely on a caregiver to grow marijuana for them.  Most caregivers operate on a small scale which means their supplies are limited.  Dispensaries are stores where marijuana is not only always available but it is always plentiful.  Any patient can purchase marijuana from these dispensaries much like buying medicine from a pharmacy.  

Dispensaries are convenient but they are typically much more expensive than growing your own medicine or buying medicine from a caregiver.  The prices are similar to what one might see in the illegal marijuana industry, but the quality is typically a lot higher.  

The overwhelming majority of marijuana sold in dispensaries is grown in Colorado by Coloradans.  It's almost impossible to say that about any other medicine used in this state.  Tax dollars, generated from marijuana revenue, are rolling into the state budget right now and helping schools and other social programs keep their funding. 

The medical marijuana industry is quite the paradox.  All of our lives we have been told that marijuana is harmful, dangerous and can even support terrorism.  The intense anti-drug messages of our childhood have quickly been replaced by stories of marijuana helping real people.  Perception is the biggest hurdle the medical marijuana industry must face.  The minds of the masses must be made to understand that marijuana is a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals and a cheaper alternative to rising healthcare costs.  If the medical marijuana industry could recruit the people that tricked Americans into believing that marijuana is evil then they might have a chance at showing people that it isn't.   


  • ScottyB 5 years ago

    I only skimmed the first two paragraphs of your article but isn't the simpler, more logical explanation is that pot has always been this popular? Medicinal usage and dispensaries are only legitimizing and putting a public face on something that has been stigmatized in the past. Faced'

  • Andy 5 years ago

    That was basically my point. Pot has always been popular but it is becoming more mainstream, thus, more Coloradoan have been hearing about it.

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