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Why has Obamacare cost this man nearly half a million dollars?

Obamacare cost him $407,000 when he signed up for it
Obamacare cost him $407,000 when he signed up for it
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He started out a believer in the biggest lie that any president could ever tell the American people: If you like your health plan you can keep it and if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” But in less than two months the whole Obamacare nightmare was strangling Larry Basich of Las Vegas leaving him nearly a half million dollars in the hole in medical bills, according to Fox News.

Obamacare has devastated over 6 million people all over the nation and wrecked the health care system just as Republican leaders like Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and other Tea Party officials had warned Americans. Yet, the Las Vegas man who lives in the city where odds and betting is a 24-hour occupation for many, he gambled on Obama and lost big time when he had a heart attack in December of 2013.

The 62-year-old simply followed the promises and paid attention to the assurances that Obama kept giving out, despite the literal meltdown of the Obamacare website. He made certain that he followed all the directions and selected a United Healthcare plan from the state insurance exchange. To get a jump on things he even paid his first premium, reported Fox News.

Then it was all downhill from there. Although he had paid his premium there just was not any confirmation to be found of his enrollment. This sounds familiar to all the naysayers who turned out to be prophetically right about the plethora of hidden and not so hidden snafus present in the health care rollout.

Next came the massive heart attack at the end of December which resulted in him having to undergo a triple bypass operation. Obamacare the savior of the healthcare industry became the financial cesspool for the Nevada man, because according to Fox News not a single insurer would claim his gigantic medical bills.

With the president’s back tracking and the Obamacare healthcare plan being given at least 30 deferments on legal deadlines that the president has chosen to pass on implementing, a $407,000 bill is stalking Basich.

So as the no medical bill debt heavy Las Vegas resident is caught up in game of hot potato with his insurance company, the insurance broker and his company and its contractor, Xerox perhaps Basich should send his bills to Obama. After all, the president is the person who claimed that “if you want your insurance you can keep it”…well here’s the medical bill based on his promise courtesy of Basich… cash on delivery.

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