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Why Google Should Stop Dissing Social Media

Let's start the discussion with where social media is heading in the future and why it's important for your business.

Goolge+ is showing in the organic search engines in the search results. Facebook and Twitter optimizaiton go hand in hand because Twitter can be fed into Facebook. Regardless of Facebook's stock value today, it is still very important to build your business profile and to think about the next great social media hangout.

There has been a battle for some time and plenty of discussions why Google is not indexing Facebook and Twitter results. The main reason is that it will give businesses a larger presence. If Facebook's results showed up in Google, then can you imagine how Facebook would take over.

MySpace is another website who is concerned about Google's results. They have joined Facebook and Twitter to begin the process of filing a formal complaint to Google about their results.

Businesses tend to go for clients using PPC (pay per click) and LBLO (local business listings), but if you aren't focusing on social media then you are not properly networking with your existing clients.

Social media is great because if they LIKE your business timeline, then they will get your message. It is 100% important for client retention. Newsletters are good, too, but people change e-mails or the newsletter can hit the spam box. But with social media, you can push the newsletter out to your entire network.

Google's handling 69% of the search presence. The average online user spends about 12 minutes each time they are utilizing Google. But they spend 29 minutes on Facebook. Google is likely going to have to work with the social media sites.

Kimberly Kimbrough's social media services targets Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. She can also service YouTube and MySpace, as well as, a host of other social media sites.


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