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Why Google+ Is Your Company's New Best Friend

Google+ For Marketing Business
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Google+ has been slowly creeping up on facebook as the second largest social networking site since it launched in 2011. Google+ provides you with the platform to create a personal identity along with a business page and while once scoffed as a networking site for just the tech and digital junkies, it has now become one of the greatest assets for the digitally savvy business marketers.

4 Reasons you need a G+ Strategy in your 2014 Marketing Plan:

1. Google Authorship

Google Authorship is easy to set up and will link site content to the owners. Google will then place your picture and a byline next to the content when it appears in a search. By distinguishing yourself as an actual author and person (not a content spewing robot), google will see your content as verifiable quality. The other upside is that statistically, searchers are more likely to click on results with an author picture as it is more stimulating than just text.

2. Communities

Communities are similar to LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. You can join the communities, learn from industry leaders, connect with potential customers, share your services and reach more people on a professional level.

3. SEO

As explained in this SEO article: "Make sure you are sharing your web pages and content on the platform as Google+ posts get crawled and indexed almost instantaneously. The amount of plus 1’s you receive on the web correlate to higher rankings in search engines."

4. Places for business

Places for business on Google will provide potential customers with an online “yellow page-like” listing of your company in Search, Maps and Google+, on all types of computers and smart devices. It automatically connects to your Google+ Page and will drive traffic to your page and site with any available information the customer is looking for.

5. Timing +

Google+ Timing is an analyzing app that will give you on the spot feedback and charts covering the most opportune times for you to post on G+. The app analyzes user engagement, shares, comments and plus 1's and will then tell you the most ideal times and days for you to post. This information can then be used with your other marketing strategies such as when you send email campaigns out!

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