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Why God made dimples

Eddie Cabrian
Eddie Cabrian

When this writer took her 5-year old granddaughter to The Way of Life Bible Institute in Richmond, Virginia, the students commented about Tori's deep dimples especially the one on her right cheek.

Tori's Dimple

Later when Tori was asked why she had a dimple, the 5-year old said:

"Because I am special. God made me this way."

If the real truth be told, dimples are really defects in the skin.

A dimple is an indentation especially on the cheeks. It is a birth defect; however, a dimple is considered attractive in most cultures. This goes to show that everything God does can have good results.

A dimple is caused by a shortened muscle. In the face, shorter face muscles pull at the skin, especially when someone smiles, creating a classic dimple. Over time, the muscles of the face can slowly stretch out, which is why some people have dimples when they are young, but lose them as they age. The muscle is shorter in length in the people having dimples on their face whereas the size of the muscle is normal in the people who do not have dimples. Dimples can be on the other parts of body, but they are not as easily visible as on the face.

Dimples are a genetic trait. If one of the parents has dimples, then there are 25-50% chances that the child will inherit the gene. If both parents have dimples, then the chances of inheriting the gene is 50-100%. You can easily find someone having dimples in your office, college or neighborhood. In many cultures, dimples are considered very attractive, but in other cultures dimples are considered to be a "freak of nature.

There are different types of dimples on the face. Generally, people have dimples on both cheeks, but in some cases they have only one dimple on a cheek and no dimple on the other one.Some people may have a dimple on their chin called cleft chin. A dimple on the chin is not hereditary. It occurs due to the incomplete intermingling of both left and right halves of the lower jaw during embryological development.

Look at Tori's slideshow on the left to see her beautiful dimple.
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