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Why Girls go for the Bad Boys

Society makes people think and believe that it is human nature for people to go for the Bad Boys/Girls. They state that they are fun and wild. They think that the nice guys/girls are boring. Girls don't always go for the bad boys. Sometimes it just happens. When they do there are other reasons why they want the bad boy.

The Bad Boy

Looks. The bad boys are usually good looking. They have that scruffy look and one look from them will make you melt in your knees.

The Chase. There is a saying "You want what you can't have." The more the bad boy ignores the girl the more she wants him. If she can't get him right away she will try different things to get him. She will dress different or flirt more. If she is nice she will even do him favors but sadly no matter what one does for the bad boy he will never appreciate her. He will use her and focus on the bad girl.

The Girl Thinks That He Will Change Just For Her. Some girls think that they could get a guy to change his ways. They think that he will be the one that will settle down just for her. A person does not change unless they want to. Usually once a bad boy always a bad boy.

They Know How To Play The Game. Some bad boys actually act as the good guy. Those guys are players. They play the victim role to get girls to feel sorry for them and give them what they want. They use pickup lines and make girls feel as if they are the only one for them when meanwhile they used the same line on many other girls in the past.

Love. Somewhere along the lines the girl does fall in love with the bad boy. If she is wanting him for more than a year and gets to know him chances are feelings will deepen. Sadly he may not feel the same way and she will just keep going back only to find her heart broken.

If you want a real relationship don't go after the bad boy. He will break your heart and make you feel that nothing you do is good enough. Go for the sweet shy guy. He is the one who will make a perfect boyfriend and treat you how you deserve to be treated.

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