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Why geeks should love The Big Bang Theory.

The actor who played Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory.
Photo by Michael Buckner

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular TV shows in the world with millions tuning in every week - even for the reruns. The show has recently reached new heights of popularity which explains the producers' decision to extend the show for another few seasons, paying the actors quite a chunk more. However, many geeks find themselves turned off by the idea of The Big Bang Theory, without first watching it.

To some people this might seem silly as The Big Bang Theory revolves around the life of four nerds. You may think they would like a TV show with characters they can relate to. However, this may be where the problem lies. Geeks may, on first impression, think that the Big Bang Theory paints an unfair picture of geeks and portrays them as being one-dimensional.

Many geeks feel that the stereotypes of the geeks on the show are unnecessarily exaggerated and do not represent geeks fairly. Another reason for their occasional dislike of the show is that some of the jokes characters make are more pedantic than their tastes. These seem to be fairly flawed reasons not to watch the show regularly though.

In fact, there are many reasons why we love the show and here are just a few of the best:

It's hilarious and well written. It really is one of the funniest TV shows out there. Whereas quite a lot of the TV shows' puns may sink like lead balloons with most audiences, the Big Bang Show's gags always run true. The sight of Sheldon rummaging around in a ball pool shouting 'Bazinga' will always be hilarious. Or Howard trying to pick up Penny (the hot female character in the series) so clumsily in the earlier seasons. In more recent times, Leonard's ham-fisted attempts to get Penny in his bed are quite laughable as well. Furthermore, they actually work. The whole concept of the show is tailor-made for audiences of any ages as the gags are not rude.They are not distasteful at all and contain no sexual references for the most part. They just tend to be funny on an academic level or the scenes which cause the most hilarity are when Sheldon comes onto screen. He is truly hilarious and Jim Parsons produces a laudable performance as the character every single episode on a consistent basis. Sheldon's lack of social skills can lead him into some quite extraordinary situations where he fails to grasp any facet of social interactions, particularly sarcasm.

We can all relate in some way. The 4 characters might be overblown to some degree (representing the geeks'complaints about the show) but they are actually people who we have all known in everyday life in some way. Perhaps we've met them at an anime convention or similarly geeky event. This gives the show an added dimension and something further to add to its considerable appeal. It means we are more likely to tune into it every night and become hooked. Sheldon is the odd character that we have all known. He is almost too clever for his own good and that makes him more interesting. Scenes that include him never seem boring and he is always has some one-liner or gag to improve the situation.

Howard is like the creepy guy that we all know in life, maybe someone that we might have encountered in a nightclub as being a little bit too letchy for comfort. He is in the pocket of his overbearing mother ('mummy's little boy') and has a underlying sweetness which actually makes him endearing to the audience. Raj is cultured yet also naive and shy with girls. He is the stereotypical 'nice guy' and they are easy to find in our life. Leonard is someone who mixes being clever with also having considerable social skills, which is quite enviable for other geeks. Penny is the 'tart with a heart', a common TV trope, but she has the added dimension of being clued up underneath it all.

The show helps makes geeks more relatable to other people. Whilst other shows like the Big Bang Theory are all the same, this accusation could not be leveled at the show. There is always a plot-line driving the story, which keeps things interesting. The story-lines are refreshed every season just to make things interesting. They also develop characters well, which is yet another major difference. For instance, Howard started off as the typical nerdy guy who was a far too creepy and desperate for female attention. However, over time he displayed his emotional side and eventually found a girlfriend. However, he does reprise his creepy persona on occasions for comedic effect. Penny is another example. Initially just brought in as a plot device for a romance vehicle for one of the four guys (which turned out to be Leonard), she became a central character to the series and has become pivotal to the show's success. Her relationship with Sheldon is one of the highlights of the series. The scenes they share are funny yet also sweet at the same time- they have a unique relationship- everything is entirely platonic (Sheldon is clearly asexual) and it is like a brother-sister who squabble but actually love each other underneath all the arguments.

Essentially, there are numerous positive features of the Big Bang Theory and there are several reasons why it has become such a global success. Considering the show's dimensionality, it is hard to understand why some geeks do not like the show as it is funny and paints geeks in a positive light. It is academic in a lot of ways and talks about comics and games which are part of any nerd's world. The Big Bang Theory is suitable for an audience of a wide array of ages and deserves its continued success.

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