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Why food is a popular subject on NCL Cruise Boards

A variety of food available on the NCL Sun
A variety of food available on the NCL Sun
Marie DeWolfe-personal photos

One of the most talked about subjects you'll find among frequent cruisers is the food on board the various ships.

So let's talk about food. Many people take photos of every dish they order while on board. I'm just as guilty as any when it comes to food photos. But you have to admit, it's hard to just dig into a plate of food that is very elegantly presented. Am I right? So out come the cameras and cell phones for the food porn.

The food photos shown with this article are from a 12 day NCL Cruise to the southern Caribbean. Being a lover of shrimp cocktail, I ordered that as an appetizer on several evenings. I was never disappointed! The presentation came out beautifully, and the shrimp were fresh and firm. It would be hard to beat the Jack Daniels Seafood Sauce too!

The steaks on NCL came out just as ordered each time I ordered one, and the meat was fresh and tender, just as it should be and they were well seasoned and flavorful.

We had a chance to try both broiled/baked fish and herb crusted fried fish and both were cooked to the point of being tender without being dry and overcooked like you sometimes come across. The sauces on the broiled fish were very tasty with a rich, lemon like flavor.

Desserts, on the occasions you have room left over for any, were fantastic, even down to the plain old orange sherbet that I ordered, which came out looking like a high dollar dessert. They say presentation is everything, and I believe that is a big factor in any meal.

Everyone always gets a little excited for Lobster night on board a ship. I have to say, although I do love lobster, I was slightly disappointed this trip as the lobster was a little over cooked and slightly tough. Although other NCL cruises I've taken, the lobster was cooked perfectly.

All in all, I have to say that for the most part, the food on NCL is high quality. I've cruised with them numerous times and am rarely disappointed in the food. I love the Moderno restaurant because it gives you the opportunity to try a large variety of different meats throughout the meal. It's definitely a unique experience that everyone should try at least once.

Le Bistro offers up some incredible French cuisine! It's there that I first tried, and fell in love with, Escargot, bouillabaisse and cote de boeuf. If you ever cruise NCL, Le Bistro is definitely worth the extra charge.

As a foodie, I'm always looking to see what's on the menu's on different cruiselines and hope to, eventually, have a taste of them all! Aren't you a little hungry now?

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