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Why Family Trees Can be a Great Project

For many school-aged children, history is boring and drab. What we fail to explain to our youth, early on, is that history is made up of people. There are millions of people who comprise what we now know as history, and all of those people have a unique story to tell. Some of those people are more closely related to us than others, and it is a wonderful discovery to see where our families may have made a difference in history and past events. This is where a family tree comes in. Family trees bring history to life in a very real way. They speak not only of history, but of the lineage of the family and the unique struggles through which each generation persevered.

As seniors, we can play a big role in teaching not only history in general, but the history of our own family. We, truly, are the bridge between the younger generations and those who are gone. There are many reasons why someone might want to research their family tree. Of course, there are ailments and diseases now that are linked to genetics, and there is the benefit of improving research skills of the younger generations. But truly, one of the biggest reasons we, as seniors, should get involved with the family tree research of younger generations is because they need us to. This may very well be the children's or grandchildren's way of finding out more about our pasts, or the pasts of our parents and grandparents. Our brains hold a wealth of memories, some of which we may not even truly recall until we start talking about others.

The backdrop in which you lived your life as a child is new and interesting to younger generations. The stories of your parents and grandparents that you learned growing up are now yours to tell. Younger generations will never know these stories if we do not share them. The legacy of our family, then, lies with us. In this vein, family trees are very important - genealogy is important. Every family has a story to tell, and a place in history that our family can make come alive. Take the time to help with your own family tree and show the younger generations the unique and rich history that is their family. This is a great way to help a senior in your life learn more about their family. If you have a loved one in your life that is receiving in home health care this as well would be a fantastic project for them and their caregiver to spend time doing.

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