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Why exercise matters for life longevity

older population daily exercise
older population daily exercise
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In life we deal with two issues- that life doesn't last forever and we cannot control the future. Or can we? Most people might think exercise means little to the longevity to their lives. Our life styles, genetics and diet has a lot to do with living longer, but a lack of activity presents the main problem in our society. In our time chronic diseases are killing most of us and preventing us fron living the full lengthy lives. If we do not use our bodies we lose them. Move it or lose is the popular saying. Improvements can be made through increasing physical activity and exercise, it can have a definite effect not only on the heart and lung function and muscle strength, but also in physiological functions of the organs and tissues of the body. For some time the anti-aging or rejuvenating effects of exercise has been denied. Exercise stands the test of time as being the best effective method for anti- aging. Even though their are creams and pills promoting the enviable aging. It has been many reports that regular physical exercise brings substantial improvements to chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise in combination with a healthy diet can even cure some of the disease symptoms. It doesn't require a lot to improve your health to live longer. You can do this by incorporating more exercise into your daily routine. Such as walking a few extra blocks or walking a flights of stairs in buildings or doing yard work. It would take a little extra of your time daily to accomplish a healthier and long life span. Remember that your life might depend on it!