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Why is a good read: Politics

For several years, I have been writing articles for as a primary channel for adressing the news. When asked how I write thousands of articles a year, I reply that I am a “link farmer”. What is that? That is how I perform research on new topics that are my beats. My beats are the ones that I select and audition for. Passing the audition, you may become an independent contractor to cover news in one or more categories.

Politics examiners cover the news everywhere
Politics examiners cover the news everywhere
James George
Within reach
James George

Since I live in the DC metro, I have access to political news firsthand. Now, it takes resources to attend events and to talk with sources firsthand. Sometimes, I grab my camera and computer to go get it. Most often, I become an analyst and search the links.

What do I bring to articles that is unique?

  • Questions
  • Analytical pursuits
  • Interpretation
  • Debate
  • Pictures
  • Commentary
  • Interviews

All things are possible. Why should readers care about what I have to say? They can look at my profiles to learn that I have experience inside and outside of government. They see my academic skill and knowledge qualifications. They can look at other credentials such as posted at Linkedin, etc. Readers can often learn as much or more about writers than from any news channel.

One big thing that we have going for us is that we are largely free to express our views and interpretation. We are instructed to stay in bounds of journalistic standards and to observe Google rules and the like. This is a great demonstration for citizens applying writing abilities to engage their communities about a host of topics. As an opinion, this is a great place to communicate freely.

From reader feedback, I know for a fact that we have made members of government pay attention to topics that readers believe are important. We may not be from the big channels, but an Examiner can pop a question just like anyone else.

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