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Why Everyone Should Be In Relationships

Some people love falling in love. Other people say that they don't need someone to make them happy. Happiness does come within but it is also good to be in a relationship.

It is nice to have someone. When you have someone who contacts you and go out on dates with it's a nice feeling. Knowing that the person you love, loves you back is great. You share memories with someone and you are always smiling.

Of course that doesn't mean settle for anyone. Take your time and get to know you and give guys a chance. Then sooner or later the right one will come along. Don't cross off guys on your list because sooner or later you will get lonely. As time goes on you will want a companion especially after seeing all your friends with someone.

It's nice to bring someone to family parties. Someone who is there for you at the end of the day. It's great in general to have someone there for you through thick and thin.

Everyone should be in a relationship to experience love. They should be in a relationship to experience true happiness. True happiness where you are always smiling because you have someone special who puts a smile on your face.

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