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Why Everyone Needs A Personal Trainer

You can now visit me at the YMCA in Greenfield!
You can now visit me at the YMCA in Greenfield!
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Losing weight and lifting weights are not complicated. It’s really just a matter of knowledge, just like anything else. I suppose you could go on you tube and try and figure out how to do both, but does that really work? No. That would be like trying to learn how to play the guitar from the computer. You need a set of hands to move yours and show you how to make adjustments.
Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) has an understanding of bio mechanics, or how the body moves. With that understand one could teach others how to safely and effectively move their body’s and lift weight properly. Improper weight training or exercising is dangerous, and not nearly as effective, rather than if it had been done properly.
It could be something simple you’re missing, maybe just where yours hands are placed, or what position your body should be in during a particular exercise. Or, it could be something major, like improper bench-pressing, squats or dead lifts.
Having a trainer is like someone watching you do your homework that notices each pen stroke. So at the sight of anything less than satisfactory, it can be fixed immediately. You may not need a trainer for every workout, or even for more than a short time. A good trainer will be just that. CPT’s are people that are watching your every move to ensure for safety and effectiveness.
I wish I had a trainer when I first started. It would have been nice to know what to eat, when to , and how to train properly. Instead, like most, I made mistakes. In fact, I have probably made all of them. But that is how I learned, and how many of us do, but it does not have to be that way.
Now I can share my knowledge with the masses and really give new people to exercise a plan that works. If this was a television commercial, I’d end with “And I’m not only a member, I’m also the founder.”

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