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Why enter a karaoke contest

Talented Singer
Talented Singer

Seriously, why enter a karaoke contest? The most obvious answer is that people just love to compete. Whether it's sports, business, keeping up with the Jones's or a simple game of Monopoly, people love the challenge of pitting their skills, intelligence , or talent against others. Karaoke singers who enjoy showing their vocal skills often feel they are competing with other performers so it's natural that these singers would enjoy a karaoke contest. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Some people enter karaoke contests every time one is available. Some singers search for contests and travel great distances for an opportunity to compete against other talented performers simply for the excitement. While others enter karaoke contests with the hope of winning prize money, and still others simply want the glory of winning. But the most talented singers or performers don't always end up on top and regardless of who wins, someone will always feel it should have been them instead.

Problems arise when performers feel the contests are not fair for one reason or another and often they have some valid reason for their feelings. When a contest is judged by one person some will feel that there was some bias based on friendship or other personal reasons. If a contest winner is determined solely by audience response, many contestants feel that talent was overlooked for popularity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it's the same with talent.

Joe has a beautiful deep rich voice, while Brandy can hit unbelievable high notes, but Tony sounds a lot like Elvis and dresses just like him. Marsha has so many amazing vocal techniques, but Donny dances all over the stage while singing the latest pop songs, and Rebecca sings sultry love songs, looks like a super model and dresses to kill. Some very talented singers will be nervous and not perform their best and others might not pick songs that truly show their talent or songs that are not popular at all.

There are so many possible reasons to help someone win a karaoke contest but even more reasons that might prevent a person from winning. Before entering a karaoke contest, people should find out how the contest will be judged and determine if they can perform well enough based on that criteria to have a chance to win.

In most cases only one person will win and while there might be second and third place winners, many others will feel they were the best and some will feel cheated. Karaoke is meant to be fun and anyone entering a karaoke contest should do so for the fun of competing and should always understand that the winners are chosen by the judge's opinion, not by a statistic or fact. Everyone who enters a karaoke contest is a winner because they had the courage to enter and the enjoyment of participating and competing.

Life and karaoke contests are not always fair, it's up to everyone to make the best of every opportunity and have fun doing so.

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