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Why eating brownish avocados and hard cheese a day keeps one's hunger away

Next time you want to eat an avocado but find it to be brownish and unappetizing, remember that it does taste the same way as a freshly ripe one.

How many people living daily on the street can say this?

How many people who live as squatters in their former homes can vouch for this?

How many people who have not very many places to go, peacefully, verify that you can easily use nutritious foods that seem inedible and outdated and unsavory by societal standards?

Very many people can dare to say just that.

The very next time your bread dries out or cheese turns a different color or hardens, maybe try cooking with it or use it for a specific addition to your salads and other foods. Is Parmesan not a hardened cheese? Does bread not make excellent bread crumbs?

Many food pantries distribute foods that have been given to them as fresh as possible, but some food pantries have undesirable and outdated foods delivered to them. The people who receive these foods are relatively grateful for whatever specifics provided, but there are those who are somewhat "selective" about their choices.

The way that food prices are heading, the melanin-coated guacamole packs and the soft tomatoes and the cocoa butter-leaking chocolate covered raisins and the slightly molded mozzarella and the just-past-one-week-sell-by-dated crackers and chips may not seem like such a problem for those whose stomachs dictate the dire need of a meal right about now.

Waiting on a long line to present an I D to people who will hand over a bag of food for a household of either one or more than one, only to find that the produce is not fit for sale but is more than adequate for immediate human consumption -- that is the determination of the level of gratitude.

So, boil an egg, mash the avocado, crumble up the cheese, grab some chips or some crackers or hard bread, and make it a meal.

Remember to add thankfulness as a garnish.

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