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Why Easter is the foundation of our faith

Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

“Oh, how foolish you are! How slow of heart to believe all that the prophets spoke! Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into his glory?” - Luke 24:25-26

Many Easters have come and gone by in our lives. Some more memorable than the others. Yet have we truly grasped the meaning and mystery of Easter?

If we have gone through the Lenten season and immersed ourselves in the mystery of the suffering and death of Jesus, our eyes would be opened to the mysteries behind each season that we celebrate. Having gone through the desert of sacrifice and purification, our eyes will see beyond the rituals and traditions. Our heart will have a greater knowledge of what the suffering of Christ means to our lives. We will know that Christ's saving action continues in our personal life. We would have seen our weaknesses and frailties -- our inability and weakness to withhold pleasurable things in our lives. We would have seen the weakness of our bodies and how it easily tends towards sin, and how we are so prone to anger, irritation, outbursts, judgment and annoyance s. We have a body that needs saving.

When Christ embraced all sufferings on earth through his passion, he took on himself our pride with his humility, our ego with his complete obedience to the Father's will, our pleasure-seeking selves with the whiplashes and torture that he bore, our fear of death with his submission to death. He brought all these things with Him to the depths of the earth and broke free the bondage of evil and death have on us.

Easter is the foundation of our faith. He lives! He has overcome! We see this life on earth as just a training ground. We are being dressed for the life beyond earth. All our sufferings hold meaning and significance because we know that it will bring us good. It purifies our senses so we can be found worthy of greater union with Him. Heaven does not lie in the beyond. We find that the journey to His kingdom starts in the here and now. We find that union with God and living in the kingdom of God happens on earth because Jesus lives. He is not a ghost nor a spirit that floats in the sky. His body was brought to life! He lives among us, usually unrecognized. And His spirit lives within us, often stifled.

Easter reminds us of this great mystery of salvation. All these things that have happened in the past is happening at present. He resurrects in our lives and gives us hope. He removes the fear of death for it is just the door to the next life. All our faith and hope is founded on Easter! Heaven is opened for us in the here and now and we can start embarking on this journey for He is here. He is alive!

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