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Why Earth Day Isn't All That Special

The emails, advertisements, and propaganda this week have been heavy-handed with their promotion of all things green, sustainable, or just remotely eco-friendly.  My email inbox alone has been inundated with Earth Day spam from everything you can imagine: Earth Day specials for male enhancement drugs, special Earth Day promotions for donations to help Haiti, and even Earth Day sales at my favorite online retailers.

For me, even though I am what most would call an "environmentalist," Earth Day is just another day.  It's become like President's Day and will probably soon become like Patriot's Day (with whom it shares the wee).  President's Day is no longer about honoring great men from the past.  It's about selling mattresses and furniture.  Most people don't even know about Patriot's Day (April 19), that being dropped even from most calendars.

The same thing is happening to Earth Day.  Every salesman and green chump is out promoting something "special" for the day.  Al Gore, General Motors, Sears.. all of them have something "special" for this big occasion.

To me, Earth Day is just another day, set apart only by its heavier influx of eco-propaganda and greenwashing.  I'm sure the president will have some speech to give in honor of something environmentally grand and I won't be surprised if the night's television is flooded with various shades of green as everyone who is anyone attempts to show off how environmentally-conscious they are.

Like Christmas, it's the one day a year where everyone can pretend they aren't total a-holes the other 364 days of the year, I guess. 

For me, Earth Day is just another day, like any other.  I'll continue to work on this year's garden (where I grow most of our food), keep my home's footprint at 1/3 of the national average, and use my own bags at the grocery store.  In other words, I'll keep doing the stuff I do everyday already and try to ignore the fact that on this day, everyone is pretending to do the same.  At least they're doing it one day of the year, I guess. 


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