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Why don't you tell me about yourself

It is the dreaded question during the interview process. How do you answer it? What if you talk too much or not enough? As with most interview questions, this is an open forum for you to sell yourself. Carole Martin from Monster discusses the importance of developing a script and practicing before the interview

Convince the interviewer that your personality and qualifications are the best match for the company. When answering this questions there are some pretty simple rules to follow:

• Provide a general synopsis of your background, 30 or 60 second 'elevator pitch"
• Discuss your most notable achievements from each position
• Start with your most recent experience since that is what most employers will focus on during the interview process
• Keep it short! Answer to this question should not be longer than two minutes, otherwise you will lose your audience.
• Add a personal element. Any interesting hobbies are a great way to wrap it up like running marathons or sailing (not reading or walking). But do not disclose your personal information such as how many kids you have, marital status or your age.

Think of answering this questions like preparing a two minute presentation for your colleagues where you are the topic of the discussion. By keeping your speech and answers succinct and interesting, this will only set you up for success for the remainder of the interview.

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