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Why dogs bite? A seminar on dog communications by Nelson Hodges

Siberian Huskies sit calmly on stage at the start of the seminar.
Siberian Huskies sit calmly on stage at the start of the seminar.
Steve Hensley

There are over 4.5 million reported dog bites every year. Some of them involve serious injury and the euthanization of the dog involved. According to Nelson Hodges, many of these incidents could be avoided if we simply understand how to communicate with dogs. On Sunday, January 12th Mr. Hodges will be presenting a seminar on why dogs bite. It will be at the Marshall Grain Company, 3525 William B. Tate Avenue, Grapevine, Texas 76052 between the hours of 2 pm and 4 pm. The seminar requires registration in advance at the Canine Content website:

Nelson Hodges has over 40 years of experience in animal behavior and rehabilitation. He is the owner of Canine Content, an business that specializes in the rehabilitation of dogs. He is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, an organization founded with the assistance of Cesar Milan. Mr. Hodges is the coordinator for the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas Region of this organization. He is involved in the rehabilitation of rescue dogs from Texas Husky Rescue and takes some of the more difficult cases home to train with his own pack.