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Why does the US treat allies as occupied nations?

American aircraft carrier somewhere in the world.
American aircraft carrier somewhere in the world.
AP Photo

Does the United States know how to treat a friend in a proper way?
The countries Germany, Japan, and South Korea are three of the examples of successful democracies.

Not only have they had stable governments, they have also created some of the most important examples of how capitalism and neo-liberal positively works. Japan itself is the second largest economy on the planet. All three nations produce cars that are among the most respected all over the world.

They also have two very ironic aspects to them. The three nations are allies to United States. The United States on the other hand still treats them as occupied territories. Thousands of American troops remain stationed in Germany and Japan after the end of World War II.

Germany contributed thousands of troops to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. They also contributed soldiers to help keep the peace in Kosovo back in the 1990s. Yet the United States continues to stay there generations after the end of the Second World War.

It is time for the United States to end its occupation of its allies.
Some argue that the reason we occupied Japan and Germany for so many years is because of the Cold War. Germany was supposed to serve as buffer against communists’ expansion over Western Europe. Japan played the same role against North Korea and Communist China.

The Cold War has been over for almost twenty years now.
Others have argued the necessity to maintain these soldiers within those countries is to prevent from behaving in a similar aggressive manner as they did in the past. Sixty five years have already gone by since the end of World War II. The individuals that participated and contributed to those events have already died off.

The main reason we maintain well thirty five thousand troops in South Korea is act as a deterrent to North Korea from invading the country again. In reality, the American soldiers play a very insignificant role. If we were to see another belligerent conflict break out in the peninsula, both nations would turn to nuclear weapons in acts of desperation.

The nations of Germany, Japan, and South Korea have incentives to remain as successful democracies.

By pointlessly keeping these military forces in these countries, we continue to limit our resources in other important parts around the world. Can you imagine if the tens of thousands of troops stationed in Germany had been in lending a hand in Haiti instead? Could the money used over there be instead invested at home to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure?

The United States should not a call a nation an allie if it maintain a force within its sovereignty over decades.


  • rlrwkc 5 years ago

    because they want us there so they don't have to pay for their own soon as they want to start building empires again, they'll demand we leave....

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