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Why does the beach make me so tired?

Why is going to the beach so tiring?
Why is going to the beach so tiring?
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If you come home from the beach tired and cranky, you are not alone. Going to the beach can be draining for those who don't take certain precautions. The sun itself can make you tired. Activities you're not used to in everyday life can take a toll too. Here are some things that may be making you tired after a day at the beach and what you can do to prevent them.


The sun can be very good for us in small doses. Large amounts of sun carry a risk of skin cancer or sun sickness caused by dehydration. Combine this with sugary sodas and blood sugar levels raise, making us tired. To keep healthy and hydrated at the beach, utilize shade areas. Drink plenty of water in place of or along with flavored drinks and always use sunscreen.


Beach water contains bacteria. Some bacteria is harmless. Some can be very harmful. Coming home from the beach extremely tired may be the first sign of a bacterial or other infection picked up from the water. Prevent this issue by swimming only in regulated areas such as state parks. These beaches must check their water for harmful E Coli and other dangerous bacteria.


Walking in shifting beach sand gives aggressive work outs a run for the money. The exercise is great for you but may make you quite tired. Those who are out of shape might try beach shoes. Bare feet or sandals have less traction. Beach shoes prevent feet from being cut on beach debris, picking up ringworm or contracting disease from seagull leavings.


Swimming is excellent exercise. Just lifting legs to walk in the water, with that shifting sand underfoot can make you tired. Beach swimming means fighting waves and currents too. Take frequent breaks in between swim sessions to give arms and legs a rest. Do a little relaxation floating to keep that tired feeling at bay. Don't forget, swimming is exercise. Keep hydrated and stretch before and after, just like a gym work out.


Running around after kids or just trying to keep an eye on them can make you tired. Put life jackets on kids without strong swimming skills or those under the age of six. Stress and worry can make parents tired too. Have the kids switch between water and land activities to keep them from becoming tired too.


Beach food may be delicious but it's not always nutritious. Be sure to pack plenty of high antioxidant foods. Keep the tired feeling at bay with lots of vitamin rich fruits and vegetables. Watermelon is a welcome treat. It keeps you hydrated. Good food combined with all the above tips will have you returning from the beach relaxed, not tired.

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