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Why does stress crush some while others cope so well?

Very few people thrive or enjoy feeling stressed. However, do you ever wonder why some people seem to handle stress so well while others are crushed? And if you are the type who feels overwhelmed by stress, you might be missing just a few simple coping strategies which could transform you into a supreme stress manager. You could be a few steps away from living healthier and happier!

Stress causes many of us to experience distress as well as to distance the self from others - both of which are emotionally and physically inflammatory, potentially unleashing a disease process or exacerbating symptoms of existing illness. Awareness breaks the spell of a toxic stressful episode.

Here are 8 potent pointers on how to shed stress and regain control over runaway worries and anxieties:

  • Your night affects your morning. Make sure you are getting enough sleep because a lack of sleep has been implicated in shrinking the brain. A shrinking brain loses cognitive function. Without restorative sleep you wake up irritable – less likely to be optimistic and most importantly less likely to think straight.
  • Stressors tend to surge. Deal with the small stressors before they accumulate and become a tidal wave. Once stress accumulates you tend to catastrophize.
  • Cultivate relaxation cues during the good times. Practice them and you will be ready to use them during stressful times. For example, eating a complex carbohydrate for a quick pick me up, deep belly breathing, visualizing a peaceful vacation spot, reframing negatives into positives, or taking a walk outdoors.
  • Focus on how you differ from others as opposed to comparing yourself which ultimately leads to a negative self-perception. Once you see yourself as unique, your self-esteem rises which leads to improved coping: “I can handle this!”
  • Use exercise as a tool to calm down the emotional brain which lets the rational brain regain control.
  • Open yourself up to signals from the universe. Listen, sniff, and look – the way animals do and so, are able to sense and ultimately protect themselves from elemental danger. Find the sign or clue which signals a solution. Head into the uplifting world of the remarkable where coincidence and synchronicity live.
  • If you are constantly being pulled into a bad drama, feel free to exit the story. Give yourself permission to walk away. Conflict and bad moods are contagious: “Got to go…”
  • Validate yourself instead of needing accomplishment after accomplishment to justify your existence. It’s time to reclaim your joy of living.

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