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Why does Mayor Gatsas want to hurt Manchester children?

Why is Mayor Gatsas hurting Manchester children
Why is Mayor Gatsas hurting Manchester children
Photo Courtesy of Kelly Anne Photography on Common Core

Last night the Manchester Curriculum and Instruction Committee voted to pass the Manchester Academic Standards so they may be further voted on by the School Board. Unfortunately they have not allowed parents or experts like Sandra Stotsky the time to thoroughly review these standards. As a matter of fact, Assistant Superintendent David Ryan actually blamed Stotsky for her lack of review when it was the Committee’s lack of completion that kept her from her expert review.

In case you aren’t familiar with Sandra Stotsky, she is the English Language Arts (ELA) professional who refused to sign off on the original Common Core ELA standards because they were so terrible. She has been warning people across the country about Common Core ever since. She offered to review the “new” Manchester Academic standards pro bono once they were completed. They have never been completed.

David Ryan isn't being honest about why Stotsky hasn’t reviewed because he doesn’t want it to come out that there’s no way in hell Stotsky would sign off on the same lowered Common Core standards she wouldn’t sign off on at the federal level. In an email to Mayor Gatsas and the Manchester School Board, Stotsky explained exactly why she hadn’t signed off on the standards or testified. What did this Curriculum & Instruction Committee do for the past year? You won’t find out from teachers because they’ve been told to keep their mouths shut (not sure by who but that is the word in “Education Alley”).

You can review the “new” standards at the Curriculum website. There is mostly nothing new about the standards, they are the SAME low Common Core standards as before!!!!! These people didn’t make the standards better, they simply pretended to be working on something other than Common Core because parents were in an uproar about it last year and the School Board rejected Common Core by a vote of 13-1. Now that summer is here, they are passing the same horrible standards that will hurt Manchester children because parents have no idea what is happening.

Where does Mayor Gatsas come into play in this debacle? He’s the leader of Manchester and Chairman of the School Board! The buck stops at his office. He pretended to fight against Common Core all the while backing whatever Superintendent Debra Livingston and David Ryan pushed for (i.e., Common Core). The Mayor could have aligned with parents to fight against Common Core but he has chosen to align with the very people who want to hurt Manchester children with lowered educational standards. Parents need to once again revolt and demand to know why Mayor Gatsas wants to hurt Manchester children. Parents need to demand better.