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Why does a mayor need to pronouce a year of the bible?

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The mayor of Flower Mound, Texas, an outlying suburb of Dallas, has made 2014 the "The Year of the Bible." He stated he wanted to bring his town back to a "biblical foundation."

Strange, I always believed that Texas was a very religious state. Christians aren't obeying or following the bible? Whose fault is that? Why does the government need to be promoting the religious beliefs of a Christian majority?

Look, there are atheist and humanist mayors in the U.S., they just don't reveal that fact because they won't be re-elected or might even possible death threats. But even if they were open about their atheism, they wouldn't be using their office to make their respective cities or towns less religious.

If someone wants to pray or not, that is up to them. If someone wants to read a bible or any other religious text, that is up to them.

Heck if someone wants to read The God Delusion by the great writer, biologist and prominent atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins, that is their business, not the business of the government. By the way, I highly recommend this book.

If you want to support keeping religion and government separate, please join Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Freedom from Religion Foundation.