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Why do you run?

What are you running for? What do you run from? Many people find running as an outlet to release stress, tension and built up energy or replenish energy from a long day. In today's day and age, there is a lot of stress in everyday life. When you exercise it releases endorphins that can make you feel more relaxed and happy.

Many people have trouble starting running, but once they start they quickly become addicted. Start running by signing up for a race because it will give you motivation to train. Try to become consistent in your running and you will learn that it can be a release. No matter the distance, having the self discipline to train yourself to run any distance show you that you CAN do it. Self doubt will vanish as you cross the finish line and knowing that you accomplished your goal is a huge feat. Make sure you give yourself ample time to sign up for a race and really think about what you are running? What goal are you trying to accomplish? When you get to that last mile and you are struggling, think of your goals. Think of why you are running and what you've conquered.

Remembering why you are running makes a huge difference in your training. When you think you are too tired to go on, think of your goal and why you want to accomplish this run or race. If you are training for any type of fundraiser, put a picture of the person or a note card with the memories you are running for by your running shoes to remind you what this means to you. Make a difference in your life and make time for the run.

Need extra motivation? Check out the video on and see the sacrifices some people make to run with others. Have some tissues ready!


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