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Why Do Women Lie About The Number of Men They’ve Slept With?

Why do women lie?
Why do women lie?

Most women lie about the number of people they have slept with. In most cases, these lies tend to cover up the perceived notions of sluttiness that come with an awkward or promiscuous past. A lot of women are worried that by being honest about their relationships, guys would judge them solely on the basis of their sexual experiences. They are worried that some men might consider them to be whores or sluts. However, before you even consider thrashing women for their lies, there are some standard rules and exceptions that come into play.

The Right Time to Ask about Her Relationships

If you want to ask the woman about her past relationships or sexual encounters, there needs to be an appropriate time. You can’t just ask such questions when you go on the first date or meet her at the bar. This will be completely inappropriate. Every woman would be offended by someone who asks sensitive questions this soon. When guys do such things, women lie and deceive. It’s appropriate to ask such questions after the first few dates. Once the woman knows you are genuinely interested, she will be willing to open up to you.

Although it’s double standard and hypocrisy, most men can get with with having multiple sexual encounters in the past. Guys can easily give some vague answers like 'I have slept with ten girls’. When a woman does the same, she is immediately considered a slut. Thus, it’s not difficult to see why most women lie or bend the truth. When it comes to such personal and sensitive questions, women tend to protect themselves from double standards and hypocrisy quite common in the society.

Do Men Have a Right to Ask?

Unless the woman you met was working as a porn star before you guys met, it’s not your business how many men she has been with. What you do not know can’t hurt you. In addition to this, almost every girl is lying about the number of men she’s been with. Thus, it won’t make a difference in your relationship.

Why Men Never Get the Truth in Such Situations?

There are some sexual encounters that women do not want to talk about ever. In most cases, the primary reason is humiliation. For instance, some experiment she was involved with regarding her sexuality in college. Therefore, you are never going to know about the ugly guy she slept with when she was drunk or her roommate that made her feel bicurious. For most women, it’s not easy to discuss such things with the opposite gender.

It would be real nice if men could accept women regardless of what they have been through. Women lie, but the motive is to protect their dignity and self respect. They don’t want men to treat them like sluts or whores in the long run. Most men lie about emotional baggage. Women do the same with sexual encounters. It’s kind of the ultimate justice. Men tend to conceal their deep feelings to look 'cool’. On the other hand, women conceal their sexual encounters to look dignified.


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