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Why do singers hate karaoke rotations

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Having Fun

Every karaoke host has his or her own method of setting up and maintaining their list of singers during shows. It can be very confusing or even annoying to singers who enjoy attending a variety of shows because they don't understand the criteria for the lineup of singers.

When singers feel they are not being treated fairly during a show they may become frustrated and leave or will approach the karaoke host to try and clarify the issue or complain.

There are several fair methods of rotating singers during karaoke shows and as long as the host maintains one specific method throughout the show, it will remain fair for all singers. However, due to singers arriving at various times during the show, keeping the rotation fair for everyone becomes more difficult.

Some hosts put every new singer at the back of the list. This seems fair enough but it could possibly cause the first singer to wait hours to sing again and they might not feel that is fair.

Other hosts who use song request sheets can place each new request at the bottom of the pile but when singers hand in more than one song request the host has no place to put the second request without starting a new pile. This method requires the KJ to have a written list to keep the rotation as fair as possible.

Hosts who use software with remote requesting have other issues because singers can feel they've been passed over by singers who signed up after them. Many singers attend multiple shows hosted by the same KJ and become well known. They will often be signed up to sing when they arrive at a show and greet the host, even during the time the host is setting up equipment. Some karaoke hosting software allows singers to sign up to sing with their smart phones. This adds even more confusion to singers who feel they have been treated unfairly simply because they are unfamiliar with this technology.

Most hosts will try to put singers who arrived earliest at the beginning of the rotation. People who are unknown to the host need to let the host know they want to sing as soon as possible so they will get to perform sooner rather than later.

Some hosts will set a rotation marker to indicate the beginning of a rotation and at some point during the night will establish the end of a rotation. New singers arriving after the end of the first rotation can either be placed at the end or to take the place of singers who have left the show. Another popular method is to place new singers between 5 to 10 positions down once the first rotation has completed and add additional singers every other position to allow new singers an opportunity to sing without waiting for the entire second rotation to end.

None of these methods will satisfy every singer and some singers will never appreciate new singers being placed ahead of them in the lineup.

It can be said that placing every new singer at the end of the rotation is the most fair way to do this very difficult task however, when the end of the rotation is one singer away, and several new singers begin to come in, they will all have a very short wait while singers who arrived early may be forced to wait much longer to sing again or they possibly might not get another chance to sing again at all that night.

It's understandable that some singers will be unhappy regardless of the method used for rotating singers. It's the responsibility of the host to be as fair as possible and maintain a set policy to avoid confusion or frustration. It's always best for karaoke hosts to explain how the rotation works prior to the start of shows however many singers who arrive later will remain unaware.

If anyone has a unique suggestion for settling this problem, feel free to share it here.

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