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Why do senior citizens hate homeless people so much?

It's January in San Rafael and the temperature drops to about 45 degrees at night. A group of seniors were making quilts in a ballroom at the Embassy Suites hotel and most of their doors were open. A young woman entered the lobby area outside of the ballroom and she sat quietly in a chair in the far corner to log into her laptop. She discovered that the battery was dead and so she politely asked one of the ladies for permission to plug in her laptop in the ballroom. They kindly said yes, she plugged in her laptop and quietly left. While she was gone the ladies called the hotel's front desk to complain that there's a homeless woman in the building.

Freshly washed hair, clean clothes, quiet, polite. If she hadn't asked for permission to plug in her laptop then they wouldn't have known that she was homeless. But she did and they figured it out. Instead of inviting her inside to get out of the cold night air, as they should have, they contacted the manager to have her removed from the hotel. Why?

The hotel manager on duty kicked her out of the hotel because she wasn't a guest. It's common for non-guests to frequent the hotel to have a drink in the bar or to eat dinner at the Grille 101 restaurant on the ground floor. They're spending money and she's not, but what harm has she done? Was this really necessary?

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