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Why Do Say That The Disposable Coffee Cups Are Bad?

Disposable Coffee Cups
Disposable Coffee Cups
Disposable Coffee Cups

Disposable paper cups have earned the bad boy reputation for a number of reasons but largely it's all about the environmental ill effects. In America alone, people throw away billions of these coffee and tea cups.

But as they say, every truth or fact has two sides, and it turns out that the other side of this disposable coffee cup story is not so bad.

The Usual Belief against Disposable Coffee Cups

You might have come across the term Styrofoam in some way or the other. It is the most common raw materials used in manufacturing plastic paper cups. It comes from a petroleum by-product and takes more than five centuries to degrade. That explains why environmentalists hate such cups.

A lot of people have also expressed concerns over the use of extra things with a cup of coffee. Cup lids, stirring straws and mug handles contain high amounts of plastic too.

Other Side of the Story

Countering these concerns, researchers have now come up with more advanced options. Some of the disposable cup variants now use biodegradable and eco-friendly raw materials with high sustainability. In fact, these cups are also recyclable for further use. Even the coffee cup lids and stirrer are available in environmental friendly raw materials.

Benefits of Such Disposable Cups

Apart from being sustainable, there are plenty of other positives about these cups and lids.

  1. Paper cups are much more affordable. They even cost lesser than plastic disposable options.
  2. They serve many purposes and used to carry almost all kinds of drinkable liquids.
  3. Reusable and environmental friendly cups save water and wood. They even control carbon dioxide emission.
  4. They are easy to use. Wastage risk is comparatively lesser.
  5. The packed cups are suitable for use even after many years. Business owners can resell unused stock too.
  6. For large events and service businesses, it is probably the only practical option. Wastage and extra costs controlled.

What Does It Mean for You?

As a normal consumer or restaurant owner, why does it mean for you? Can you really use the paper disposable coffee cups to substitute plastic options? It seems like that you can and save a lot of money at the same time too. Paper cups are getting better with time and technological advancements in their use.

Whatever bad things people have talked about irresponsive disposal, soil erosion, global warming and toxicity has concrete answers. You can explore the multiple variants in the group and still be carefree about environmental hazards.

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