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Why do people all around the world hate this woman and her daughter?

Why do people hate this mother and daughter
Why do people hate this mother and daughter
Photo by Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images

Hatred is an ugly and destructive thing. As protests around the world have been organized to protest Israel’s military action in Gaza, the protests have taken on an outright hatred for Jewish people.

Hatred dehumanizes its intended target. It will rarely show you what you are really hating. Hatred does not want you to know that you are hating a person just like you. That is the purpose of showing a picture of an Israeli woman holding her daughter.

She is a mother like all mothers. She loves her child. She wants her daughter to be safe and happy. She has hopes and dreams just like any other person. She has strengths and weaknesses. She wants to be loved like any other person and she wants her daughter to be loved.

Living in a different part of the world than us, her daily life is not unlike our own. She goes to work to help support her family. She goes out and buys groceries and tries to keep the house up.

She loves music and likes to dance and watch her daughter dance. She is a hopeless romantic and enjoys reading a love story or watching a romantic movie with her husband.

The woman in the picture is a human being. A person just like us. Hatred does not want us to see that. Hatred does not want us to take the time and think about that. Hatred says she is a monster. Hatred says that she is dangerous, and that one day her daughter will grow up and be dangerous too. These of course are all lies.

For people all around the world to be screaming that Israelis do not even have the right to exist is something that everyone should be concerned about. Hatred does not stop at one person or one group of people. Hatred grows and grows. Who will be hated next? What is the next group of people that do not have the right to even exist?

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