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Why Do Models Wear Ugly Shoes?

Fashionable or Abominable
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for IMG

We’ve all seen it whether we were personally attending a fashion show sitting on a park bench or trolling through Internet posts. That’s right, ugly shoes. They are everywhere. How do ugly shoes get to be popular? Let’s explore this phenomenon.
Remember when Uggs hit the street? It only took Mary Kate and Ashley wearing them to make them a huge success despite the high price tag and deplorable appearance. Function won over fashion but the statement is still “ugly” in the mind of some consumers.
Then there were Crocs. Made of a jelly like material these shoes boasted a personalizing perk which seemed to attract the kiddies. Every shoe shop had an accessories counter overflowing with personalized snaps for the holes in the crocs. They were easy to get on and people swore by the comfort level. That trend went as fast as the jellies did in the eighties.
Shoes have a purpose that depends on your perspective. From a functional standpoint they are meant to protect our feet. Since we have the cognitive and artistic abilities of humans we expanded their necessity to include complementing the outfit we are wearing. From another artistic view they assist in sending a message about how we are feeling or what we are ready for. But what does a 3 inch platform of blue speckled foam with mustard yellow polished leather strapping wrapped around a foot say? It says, “Not today I’m recycling.” I promise you that is not what the model is thinking at any point of the photo shoot.
Designers are always seeking new or alternative ways to get attention. Shoes are one way to make a statement. Remember the marketable value of shocking images. If it is easily recalled or a topic of conversation it will be on the top of the mind of consumers.Bottom line here models do not get to choose the shoes; they wear them only because they get paid to do so. And for those of you that wonder that is why models wear outrageous shoes.

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