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Why do leaves turn colors in the fall?

As we move from fall into winter, the leaves in Charlotte have turned lovely shades of gold, orange and red. We are rich in maples, oaks and other colorful trees.

Have you ever wondered why the leaves turn such lovely colors in the fall? The colors are there all along! Watch the attached video from D-News to learn more about why leaves are green in summer, and what makes them colorful in the fall.

After you enjoy the video, gather up the carbon rich leaves to use when building your compost pile. It's a great time to start your compost bin using crumbled leaves, plants pulled up from your vegetable and flower beds and kitchen wastes. Alternate between layers of brown and green ingredients, add fertilizer and water thoroughly. By late Spring, many of the leaves and green plants will have turned into rich soil to be put into your garden to feed next year's plants.

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