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Why do I use PHP?

php news site
php news site

Believe it or not, I often get asked why I use PHP as an enhancement to Java-Script on my websites, and the sites for my various clients. According to Netcraft, over 244 Milllion websites are powered up by PHP almost exclusively.
Even Youtube, the only website in the worlds top 10 list that runs flash as well as java on it's main page and all extension page uses PHP for many of it's interactive features loaded on each page.
Many web developers choose PHP because of the plethora of plug ins that rely on HTML to run but also need a smooth yet powerful code that runs smoothly into their HTML heavy sites. list's the top 3 reasons why PHP is used an so widely preferred focusing mainly around it's interactivity with HTML with a focus on enhancing the user experience.
Many of the worlds top sites including all of the top 10 most visited on the web use PHP, including Google, Wikipedia and Yahoo.
But the main reason I use PHP is the streamlined and cutting edge ability it gives you to create an almost seamless user experience and build dazzling features as a compliment to HTML.
It seems like it would take a dazeling new feature with an unshakable foundation to even touch the versatility of PHP, and it doesn't seam like HTML5 is anywhere near as popular as the original hype.
in short: It looks like PHP is here to stay, not only is it the most popular enhancement/complement feature to Java script but its the most useful.

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