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Why do families choose adoption?


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At some point during a relationship, couples will likely have the conversation of whether or not they will add children to their family. Another conversation that likely takes place is if they should conceive children biologically or if they will adopt.

There are many reasons couples (or in some cases, single women or same-sex couples) decide to adopt rather than having children biologically. Here are some of the most popular reasons families choose adoption.

Cultural Influence: Some parents who have seen the impact of an orphan crisis may be drawn to the process because they want to have children and are also able to provide a loving home to a child who may need one. 

Fertility Issues: Many couples who are unable to conceive biological children turn toward adoption as a way to grow their family.

Relationship Status: This includes those involved in same-sex relationships and single women. Because of the specifics of the situation they are unable to conceive.

Religious Views: Many adoptive parents will cite biblical verses regarding caring for orphans that they've read that lead them toward the adoption process.

Health Concerns: Some families who are able to have children biologically may turn toward adoption if they have a health risk that makes a pregnancy a higher health risk for the mother and the baby.

Gender Preference: Families that have had biological children all of a specific gender may adopt because they would like to add a little sister or a little brother to their family of the opposite gender.

Desire for a Large Family: Some families just simply want to have a large family and adoption offers the opportunity to do so.

Special Needs Adoptions: Those who have special training or feel they are able to care for a child with special needs can be lead to adoption because they want to help secure that the child has the love and care they need.

Family Influince: Some families that have many adoptive family members may be lead toward the process themselves. This is especially the case if the adoptions have been a positive experience for the entire family.

The reasons families have for choosing adoption can be somwhat controversial depending on the reason, but every country with a regulated adoption program can set their own guidelines and qualifications for future adoptive families.

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