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Why do dogs and cats eat grass?

Often pet owners will notice their cat or dog is eating grass and question if it is safe for the pet.

Why do dogs and cats eat grass
Pat Anthony-Pet Examiner

While many may wonder why dogs and cats eat grass others believe it is simply because their stomach in upset. Some also have stated their pet will vomit after eating the grass and think this is a natural response.

According to information available through several veterinarians online, there are reasons why cats or dogs eat grass or other greenery. Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM, explained that some cats and dogs do this just because they enjoy it. She went on to explain that other pets may do this because they have a gastrointestinal upset.

Dr. Kay also stated any pet that is "suddenly ravenous" for grass needs to be seen by a veterinarian. Full attention should be given to any change in a pet's behavior.

If you are not certain why your pet is behaving in a certain way and feel there is a health concern, a trip to a veterinarian may be in order.

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