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Why do bad things happen if God loves us?

Depection of the ongoing battle between God and Satan
Depection of the ongoing battle between God and Satan

I think that it was all the child deaths in the past few years or so that really had me searching for answers. It really bothered me to hear Christians cry "why would God let this happen? Why place them here for such a short span of time, only to snatch them back?" Often times, and most times, they have fallen victim to the very hands designed to care for them. While these tragedies saddened me, I needed to understand deeper what is going on spiritually so that I could understand what is happening here physically.

The answer of course, was staring me in the face in Paul's letter to the Ephesians. Chapter 6. Paul talks about spiritual warfare, and being at war with evil forces and dark powers. This is nothing new, this spiritual war. An angel of the Lord alludes to a confrontation with the prince of the king of Persia, in chapter 10, during a conversation with Daniel. The prince is the demon spirit influencing the king of Persia. Remember Ephesians 6:12? "We wrestle...against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Don't be confused by what is happening here. Think of life like the matrix, one you unplug yourself everything starts to make sense.

In our modern times we get so wrapped up in all these things that we can see, and hear, and touch. Distractions. Things that mesmerizing us so that we don't pay attention to the spiritual things of life. Satan has dominion over this world for now, which means everything in this physical world can and will at some point come under his influence. Remember Satan's war maybe with God, but we are still the reward. Victims and casualties.

Satan's first offensive began in the Garden of Eden. You know the story from Genesis 3: Satan, in the guise of a snake, convinced Eve to eat from The Tree of Life. She in turn offered it to Adam and once God found out, He kicked them out of paradise. Adding insult to injury, God then curses the snake, mankind, and womankind subjecting them each to new stimuli: pain, suffering, death, our own emotions. We were made for paradise, but by disobedience we now endure The Curse.

While God's Perfect plan was for us to live in paradise in communion with Him, Satan's plan is to keep us from that. He knows the outcome and intends to take as many souls as he can. To the eternal lake of fire. The second death. The final act. Death, as we know it, is the big unknown, even for Christians. Do we slumber in Christ until the day of rapture? Or do we ascend into heaven to await the Second Coming? Either way, death is simply a transition from our cursed state to our eternal state. Those who believed in Him, well we inherit the new earth. Those who denied Jesus as Lord, those who did not seek truth and righteousness they will die the second death. There is no coming back from that.

Satan knew that while in the Garden, he would never be able to attack Adam and Eve directly. He also knew that by deceiving Eve into disobedience God would be forced to kick them out of Eden. After all one cannot sin and remain in God's graces, at least, not without repentance. Once Adam and Eve were out of the garden, Satan was now free to attack them both physically and spiritually.

So now that you are aware of the two spiritual forces at work against us during our lives on earth it's important to understand how these two "forces" affect our lives. There are three states of 'being' in which mankind is connected: physical, mental, and spiritual. Each state of being can and will be subjected to either The Curse, or an attack from the enemy. Demonic attacks are more likely to occur on the spiritual plane with the collateral damage carrying over into the mental and physical planes. In rare events, where there is a particularly strong demon or a very weak human spirit, the spiritual attack will manifest into the physical plane and you end up with a full blown possession. The Curse, on the other hand, effects the physical and mental planes mostly, with the collateral damage carrying over to the spirit.

One can only speculate why God waited so long before giving over His Son as the final sacrifice for sin. I mean, as a father, I can scarcely imagine how hard it was for God to issue the death sentence for Jesus. It could be that he delayed as long as possible, attempting to use animal sacrifice for atonement. The problem with this method is that mankind will eventually taint the sacrifice, rendering it unacceptable to God. In the end only a perfect sacrifice would completely solve the problem. Jesus became that perfect sacrifice.

It seems to me that many people fall under the misunderstanding that once they have accepted Jesus' sacrifice for sin and made him Lord of their lives, that they will immediately become immune to the evil forces that work against us. Sadly this is not true, and many young Christians fall to the wayside when the enemy begins to attack them in ernest. Jesus Christ is our Great Equalizer. When you are under His wings and in His arms, you now have the assurance that, while you are not immune to attack or curse, you have a 24/7 emergency hotline.

Because of The Curse that we get angry, feel sad, succumb to lust, burn with envy, arrogance, and pride. To make matters worse all of these basic of human emotions can and will be manipulated by enemy attack. For example, when taboo of homosexuality began to evaporate, it made me angry. I was angry that my people had turned from God. I was angry that now I would have to shield my children from a lie that the Enemy has perpetrated on our society that homosexuality is a normal part of life. And it's not. People aren't born homosexual, but through manipulation and influence they are transformed by the Enemy.

The problem with my anger is that the Enemy was able to add fuel to it, fan the flames of rage until before I knew it I found myself in euphoria of hate. I enjoyed joining conversations revolving around the Gay Movement. Not to condemn anyone to Hell, but to attempt to educate, to debunk theory, to prove my Right-ness. I truly meant well, but inside me the hatred burned hot. Because of that hate nothing I could ever say or do would ever have a positive impact for the Kingdom. It was tainted. Understand why Christ’s main message is built on Love? Love counteracts hate.

When I began to understand the workings of The Curse and how The Enemy can effectively use it to his advantage I immediately repented. Like the old adage says “hate the sin, not the sinner.” This saying has become my mantra of late, and I have to tell you it’s not been easy. There are many times that I’ve had to learn to look past the sin and find the lost child of God underneath. Wrapped in chains and dragged along subjected to Satan’s every whit and whim. Honestly I am wrapped in chains of hate myself. The Lord has really been dealing with me on this issue, and realizing my own sins has been humbling and that repentance and love is everything.

The shortest verse in the Bible is also one of the most misinterpreted and yet most powerful. "Jesus wept.” John 11:35. If your read the full story, it easy to assume that Jesus, upon seeing hi family wracked with grief, would be moved to weep. Lazarus has died, his closest friend. Did you notice that even though Jesus knew Lazarus was sick and would die, he showed no sorrow until he came upon this scene, his family and friends wailing and rending their garments. When Jesus wept, it was because of their lack of faith, the lack of understanding not because of sorrow.

If you read the entire story of Lazarus’ death (John 11:1-44), Jesus at no time displayed grief. He almost seems a little apathetic and nonchalant about the whole situation. He even tells Lazarus’ sisters “this illness does not lead to death. It is for the Glory of God,” (v4). So naturally when he arrives at the tomb, Jesus is dismayed and probably a little discouraged that the people who were closest to him still could not understand the very thing that he explained was going to happen. Death is an affect of the curse, Jesus is the antidote; Jesus is Life. “I am the way, the truth, the life. No one comes to the father except through me” John 14:6.

In sum, things are going to happen. Bad things happen because our world is cursed and we have a ruthless enemy who fights against us from the day we are placed on this earth until the day we are called home. Good things happen because we have an army fighting for us and with us, and we have a God who understands what is happening, even when we don’t. If you want protection, then you have to be under the umbrella of Jesus Christ. You have to understand his sacrifice, accept it, and have faith.


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