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Why did they come out to eat more chicken?

It wasn't about eating chicken. The point is lost if you stop there. The point differs depending on what touched people in the story of Chick fil-A COO, Dan Cathy, voicing his support for traditional marriage. So some came, also, to voice their support for traditional marriage by ordering waffle fries and the hot and spicy chicken sandwich. Others came to support Cathy's right, and by default, everyone's right, to be able to voice their opinion as an American citizen. They did that with an order of chicken nuggets and a lemonade. Still others wanted to stand on God's word and support a fellow Christian's decision to do so as well; so they also stood at the register to order a peach shake and a brownie.

Cars line the parking for "Support Chick fil-A Day."
Maryland Marriage Alliance Facebook Page

No matter what the reason for the support, "Support Chick fil-A Day" was a success. It was a success to take note of by politicians, businesses, and ordinary people. Lines wrapped around corners and drive-thru's were jam-packed throughout the country at Chick fil-A locations-a definite victory in showing support for traditional marriage. The battle will continue being fought at the polls this November in Maryland.

I had the opportunity to go to the Chick fil-A in Parkville, Maryland before the doors closed for the night and the drive-thru line was very long for a store that was about to close in less than 20 minutes. I went inside to place my order (a Chicken sandwich, waffles fries and a lemonade) and saw people who were making their way to support because it meant something to them. There were even some who wore their faith on their sleeves, or more appropriately on their backs as they sported Christian t-shirts. Greetings of "God bless you," ended a conversation between two strangers who had an exchange about their faith. It's good to see saints in agreement, even if it's at a Chick fil-A.

I came with one of my sisters-in-Christ and her two teen-daughters. She's raising them up in Christ and it was important to her to bring them. God is always teaching and one lesson was the power of agreement in God's Holy Spirit. It also showed them that it's important to support those who take a stand for Christ. The girls marveled and were excited, not at the numbers but at what God had done.


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