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Why did Solange hit Jay Z? He wanted to attend Rihanna’s party without Beyoncé

Why did Solange hit Jay Z? He wanted to attend Rihanna’s party without Beyoncé, says report
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The Beyoncé-Jay Z-Rihanna love triangle is once again heating up online news reports on May 14, after the New York Daily News released a report claiming sources have revealed the multitude of reasons why Solange hit her sister Beyoncé’s husband Jay Z in the now infamous elevator video that has gone viral.

Jay Z wanted to attend an after-party hosted by Rihanna without Beyoncé, claims the website, and the 44-year-old rapper was fed up with Solange’s friends who tried to use his name to get into the Met Gala after-party, the site of the melee. “Why can’t you go home?” Solange reportedly asked her brother-in-law, purportedly defending her somewhat silent sister. Commenters note that perhaps this was the reason for Beyoncé not jumping in the middle of the fight as much as one would expect: Maybe she agreed with her sister, and didn’t want Jay Z to go solo to RiRi’s party.

The twisted history of Beyoncé, Jay Z and Rihanna

Everything you need to know about Jay Z and Beyoncé can be heard in their lyrics, the rapper once said when he explained that the duo gives so much of themselves via their music that they don’t feel the need to talk about their relationship in interviews. Indeed, watching from the sidelines, memorizing their lyrics and in noting curious behaviors over years in interviews, this pop culture reporter has pieced together nearly everything one would want to know about the obvious love triangle.

Years ago, Jay Z brought his newly discovered muse Rihanna to The Ellen Show, showing off his protégé as Rihanna was barely 17 years old. She recounted how Jay Z stole a line from that Tyler Perry movie that stated she had two ways to leave that place without him signing her: either over the balcony or with him. Touche.

Beyoncé, meanwhile, had graduated from her appearance in Jay Z’s video, getting her “damned hands up” as Hov rhymed, “That’s the anthem, get your damned hands up.” Before long, she was on her own as a singer, acting like a woman possessed – her words – after her Dreamgirls starvation role had ended, and she came out of that movie and went into the studio to record her album “B Day,” where we learned her feelings toward a cheating partner.

“You decided to dip, now you want to trip because another brother noticed me,” Beyoncé sang to a philandering man after breaking up with him for his activities with another woman. “Because you were untrue. Rolling her around in the car that I bought you,” she continued to complain. Alas, Beyoncé married Jay Z and apparently practiced forgiveness, enough to join him and run to Rihanna’s rescue after the Chris Brown beating, a move I always viewed as perhaps a bit uncomfortable and strange yet supportive for Beyoncé to accomplish.

Before long, however, Beyoncé’s “Life is But a Dream” HBO documentary featured the superstar singing to her love the haunting words of the song “Resentment,” telling him how bad she felt having to be in the presence of the other woman. “I have to look her in her eyes and know she had half of me,” Beyoncé sang with such conviction that us onlookers couldn’t help but feel her plight, even as she stood to proclaim with anger, “That wack bitch ain’t half of me.” And it’s all because you lied, she sang.

Alas, Beyoncé would also have her turn to appear on the Ellen Show, years after her husband first introduced a young Rihanna to the world. Beyoncé would actually a sing a song that moved her to tears as she sang it, so much so that Ellen commented on that fact after she finished. “You’re crying,” noted the talk show host. Indeed. Who wouldn’t cry if their husband were allegedly carrying a hurtful torch for another woman? Perhaps Solange had the balls to address it in a way that he sister didn’t, and now she might be feeling enough heat to delete some photos of Beyoncé from her Instagram feed, if you believe certain news outlets – and perhaps not, says MTV.

Either way, it looks like a devastating situation that needs to be resolved. If there were any nefarious dealings with the Jay Z and Rihanna after-party plan, Mr. Carter might want to refer to Mrs. Carter’s old lyrics in “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” whereby she declares if he doesn’t shape up, “like a ghost, I’ll be gone.”

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