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Why Did I Get Married, Too

His and hers wedding bands.
His and hers wedding bands.
photo by Anelli Nuziali

A private screening of Tyler Perry’s, “Why Did I Get Married Too,” was held this weekend at Atlantic Stations Regal Movie Theaters. This movie is a follow up to Perry’s movie, “Why Did I Get Married,” and depicts four married couples who attend a retreat to strengthen and better understand their marriages. There’s plenty of laughs, cheers, tears and lessons in the first installment of the sequel, which begs me to ask, why do people get married?

Love is this amazing feeling that most people want and that not everyone will get the chance to experience. For all of the ups that a loving relationship brings, there are also a lot of downs that can come with the territory. Oddly enough, no matter how rough the path or how long it takes to get there, people still want to be and fall in love.

Woman want the fairytale and that includes being with someone who compliments who we are mentally, physically and spiritually. And no matter how many men women date or how many times your heart gets broken, when you finally find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you’ll know why you got married.

The first movie by Perry shows that like most relationships, marriage takes participation from both partners and communication is at the very base of any great relationship. It also involves intimacy, trust, financial acumen and work. The movie centers around all of these ideas and more. But most important of all it teaches you that all secrets will eventually reveal themselves.

“Why Did I Get Married Too,” hits theaters, Friday, April 2nd. Catch the movie at Atlantic Station and then grab a bite at Strip. The restaurant is right across the street from the theater and the sushi is amazing. But it’s not just a seafood spot, their bacon cheeseburger is quite delicious. Watch the movie and discuss it at the restaurant with a few friends. You’d be surprised at what you would learn.