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Why did HHS and Obama select CGI for

A fellow Examiner, Kevin Fobbs, published an article in October 2013: “Why Did Obama’s HHS Officials Select Canadian CGI that Botched Obamacare Launch?”

"George D. Schindler was appointed President, U.S. and Canada, for CGI in January 2013. Previously, he served as President, CGI U.S., since 2011." CGI
"CGI is committed to helping the clients achieve their business goals; to providing our professionals with rewarding careers; and to offering shareholders superior returns over time. At CGI, they are in the business of delivering results."

Fobbs reported that CGI had a checkered past in developing healthcare systems in Canada. When the American economy and American business so desperately needs work, why did the procurement geniuses at HHS go out of the nation for assistance?

That demands review of HHS procurement policies and procedures. Experience in government contracting proves that every procurement, large or small, has a degree of politics and manipulation associated with decisions. Some are cleaner procurements than others, but the process is always ripe for manipulation.

Going out of the nation for government healthcare systems services is just plain goofy for many reasons:
In the instance of CGI, experience in Canada does not compute with building a system in the USA. We have a different culture, laws and regulations, distributed among 50 states and territories.

  • At a time when the American economy was struggling, it makes sense to keep government work in the pool of
  • American contractors. (Even if it wasn’t struggling, that might be the preference anyway.)
  • American technology and information systems contractors need the business and opportunity to address state of the art requirements.

Now, there are consistently flawed approaches in government contracting having to do with spreading work around among “small businesses” especially those owned by minority and protected classes. Don’t get me started on that topic.

It isn’t that small contractors should not have the opportunity, but in our system, large and small contractors are not required to demonstrate the viability by serving commercial customers first. Commercial business success should be a prerequisite to serving government customers, don’t you think?

"CGI Federal may have been fired from its role as contractor on the disastrous $678 million Obamacare enrollment website, but American taxpayers are not done paying millions of dollars to the disgraced company, courtesy of the Obama administration department that hired it to build HealthCare.Gov."

If Darrell Issa truly wants to light a fire under an issue that will burn baby burn, investigate the CGI procurement. It is smoking.

“OH CGI - By early December, the Obama administration had lost confidence in the contractor that built, says a 10-page document quietly posted by federal officials this week. "The document indicates that CMS officials lost faith that CGI could complete critical behind-the-scenes construction of the Obamacare website by mid-March, a critical deadline to ensure the stability of the health law and the insurance market," Pro's Kyle Cheney reports. Officials recently replaced CGI with Accenture as lead contractor on the website. The document: The Pro story:


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