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Why did Eve take that fatal bite?



In part 1, we discussed the bride of Christ, and how we know that to be the bride of Christ, we must be saved. In part 2, we talked about some of the properties of what it means to be saved. Then, in part 3, we talked about the Fall and why Free Will and choice made the Fall necessary. In Part 4, we examined the consequences of the Fall. In part 5 we saw that Idolatry is actually made up of two belief systems: Rebellion Idolatry and Need Idolatry. We also discussed Pride – the foundation of all idolatry. In part 6 we examined Facade and Security. In part 7, we discussed Performance idolatry. Now, in part 8, we will look at Entitlement Idolatry. (Click on the links above or at the bottom of this article to read the articles…)


Adam and Eve denied God. They willingly and knowingly came out of Godly Authority, and, as a result, came under intermediate Satanic authority. God, in His infinite wisdom, allowed us the enormous privilege of the capability to choose or deny Him. He also graciously granted consequences for our sinful choice. Instead of simply destroying us, God’s response was to allow us an idolatrous belief system that undergird and form the foundation of our sin issues. There are two such belief systems: Rebellion Idolatry and Need Idolatry. Rebellion Idolatry consists of the idols of Pride, Performance, Security, Façade, Pleasure and Entitlement. Need Idolatry consists of: Provision, Security, Acceptance, Identity, Knowledge and Purpose.


God's word in Genesis 3 tells us that Eve "...saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom...". In other words, even though it is plain that she knew it was wrong, she saw something in the fruit that made her desire it. The text implies that she didn't just briefly glance at it, but she gazed at the fruit for some time. Indeed, it seems intuitive that the text is telling us that she logically reasoned and ultimately rationalized her way into disobedience (sure glad I've never done that!!!). That said, what made her jump into the realm of open rebellion? What was the final emotional straw?

Entitlement is put forth here that as an element of Eve’s fundamental motivation. It is contended that a entitlement allowed her to process and accept the proposition that she could, in fact, agree to come out of Godly authority despite her clear knowledge that “she would die”. That is to say, when Eve looked at the fruit, something stirred within her (as well as Adam) that “spoke” to her and “said”: “Well, it looks ok and it looks like it will benefit me. What’s the harm? Eve was rationalized because of this belief in that “If God has it, why can’t I?” In other words, her reaction to Satan’s prompt was a very definite invocation that if someone else can have it, so should she. The clear implication is also that she believed she did not need God to meet her needs or wants, in light of the fact that she believed that the fruit would give her something that God would not. The core false belief of entitlement is that “Life should be fair”. In essence, it is saying that I should at least have the same as everyone else. This creates confusion and chaos because the fundamental belief of façade says that I must have more than you have and what I have must be better than what you have. Obviously, there is a logical inconsistency here. It’s physically impossible for everyone to have the same as everyone else. Not everyone can have more than everyone else.



1: Jesus bride is the reason why we are here
2: Salvation is not a covenant of works
3: Why the Fall?
4: The Consequences of the Fall
5: Rebellion Idolatry and Need Idolatry
6: Rebellion Idolatry: Façade & Security
7: Rebellion Idolatry: Performance Idolatry

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