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Why did black pastors protest gay marriage with reputed racists today?

Why were black pastors aligned with reputed racist leaders today?

Black pastors were united with leaders of conservative family groups that have awfully racist reputations to protest gay marriage on the Arkansas state Capitol stairs today. People don’t understand.

But I do.

I understand because I understand white supremacist thought and behavior and I understand that half if not most of Black America buys into white supremacy.

White supremacist thought and behavior is a big word for racism. For a while now, white folks have argued that black people are just as racist as white people, but that’s a silly notion because more white people have hiring authority than blacks.

Michael Jordan says he was a “racist teen” but that's idiotic because racism executes a particular discrimination on the basis of skin color which blocks another’s earning power and freedom. As a teen, Michael Jordan didn’t own much, didn’t hire anybody, so it was impossible for him, at that time, to be a racist.

Racism is an act. Prejudice is a belief.

White racists enforce their belief in black inferiority by refusing to hire nonwhite people, by utilizing unfair reasons to fire black people (or other minorities), and by promoting other whites unfairly. This may be a good time to ask yourself if you are racist. Have you held someone back because you acted on racial prejudices you or your family have? If so you’re a racist. Racists have PhDs and teach in college classrooms, they have high school diplomas and earn six figure salaries. Racists hinder social equality and progress primarily because it threatens their stability.

Some people accuse Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and Oprah Winfrey of being racists. Yet, a lot of black people argue that succeses of those power players hinder the progress of average black Americans because white hatred of those visibly political African Americans trickles down to the middle and working black classes who rely on white hiring institutions for social and economic advancement. (If Barack Obama is a racist, then why is black male unemployment higher during his administration's than George W. Bush's?)

With so much racism going on why were black pastors on the state Capitol steps with unflinching racists in the singular effort to protest gay marriage?

Nobody hates black people more than black people hate black people, and far too often self-hating blacks are religious conservatives, whether the religion is Muslim or Christianity. We see self-hatred in black Greeks who haze, we see self-hatred in internet memes that malign African American women, men and African American relationships. When black people hate themselves, they buy into white supremacist ideologies and that includes the hatred of homosexuality.

Oh, don't worry. There are self-hating white people too. The excessive plastic surgery, weaving, and tanning done by Real Housewives of any County are entertainingly sad examples of white self-hatred.

Christianity and religions in general can be used to subjugate others. (See slavery or "12 Years a Slave"). Crafty and selfish use of Christianity perpetuates white supremacist thought and behavior that's been globally present since 1492 (and before). Christianity is not a bad religion and not all Christians are bad. Some Christians, like those at the Capitol today, aren’t able to live Moses’s commandments in the spirit that Jesus Christ demanded.

And boy was Jesus a demanding Son of a gun.

Christ asked people to take the commandments to heart. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife, under Mosaic law, means don’t try to sleep with your neighbor’s wife, even if her husband is a sleaze bag and even if she wants you. Under Christ’s teachings, that commandment means don’t even think about sexing your neighbor’s spouse. Don’t daydream about her either, and repent if you wet dreamed.

People opposed to gay marriage are thinking about sex and others in a manner that Christ asked followers not to. Christ asked people to be pure in heart. The act of contemplating another’s sex life, much less dictating the rights of another’s sex life, is probably the highest state of mental impurity I can think of.

It was hard to be excited about gay marriage rights in Arkansas the other week because Arkansas is crazy with its hypocrisy. There was a huge THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY billboard between Little Rock and the road to Memphis for a long time (it may still be there on 40), yet adultery and Arkansas are synonyms like Petrino and Clinton.

So, if you’re still wondering why the black pastors were aligned with the Christian conservatives against gay marriage today, I have one reason for you: they’re invested in white supremacy and consequently that investment prevents them from living the Ten Commandments in the spirit that Christ asked.




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