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Why Dating a Guy You Know is Better Than Dating Someone You Met Online/Bar

Building a friendship is a great way to start a relationship. Of course it has it's downfalls if things go wrong. Some people turn to bars, clubs and even online to find love. Here are reasons why it is better to turn a friendship into a relationship than just dating a random stranger.

When you are friends first you get to know each other. You build trust and share a bond with each other. You aren't just jumping into the sack with each other. You know each other's going points and downfalls. You know how the person treats you in public as well as when you too are alone.

Most guys at bars are drunk and looking for one thing. He will take you out right away and may expect something in return. If you have no mutual friends it could be bad because you do not know what the guy is really like.

Meeting someone online can be good but you never know who you are talking to. Some people pretend to be someone they are not and if you are shy you will not be as comfortable with each other as you would be with your friend. You also do not know what this guys motives are. Of course that is what dates are for but if you have low self-esteem you will be more on edge and worry more.

It is great to start off slow as friends with someone and let something develop. You have inside jokes with each other, can be yourself and know that the otter person will still be there and could relax more than you would with a random stranger.

Go out and have fun with your friends. Don't go out looking for love. You could find love anywhere. It could be at the gym, Starbucks or even reuniting with an old flame on Facebook.

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