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Why customers quit...promoting a positive mindset

A shopper on Oxford Street, in London, England
A shopper on Oxford Street, in London, England
Photo by Dan Dennison/Getty Images

There is a direct link between your employees' attitude and motivation and how customers experience your company and its services. When employee attitude is high, therefore engagement increases, and so does the customer satisfaction. However, when employee morale is low, the engagement is low, you've lost sales and customers.

Some statistics on why customer's quit:

  • 1% die
  • 3% move away
  • 5% other friendships
  • 9% competitive reasons(price)
  • 14% product dissatisfaction
  • 68% quit because of an attitude of indifference toward them by some employee.

To create a customer focused environment, here are some tips, from Eileen Brownell, who writes on the subject:

  1. Select a customer-focused attitude-Realize that a positive attitude is a matter of choice. We decide the positive aspects of any situation and choose our reaction.
  2. Avoid gossip-Gossip usually carries a negative connotation.
  3. Set an example and walk your talk-When we focus on being a positive provider of service, responsive to the customer regardless of their attitude, we present a positive image for others to see and emulate.
  4. Be accountable-When a problem arises, resolve it. Avoid placing blame on another department or employee for a mistake.
  5. Listen to your speech-Hear what you say to others. Listen to your tone of voice. Mentally observe your body language. Are your statements upbeat and positive, or negative and condescending? Is your message delivered with enthusiasm and a smile or laced with anger and frustration? People will mirror your message and your body language. If your speech is positive you can expect a favorable response.
  6. Resolve conflicts immediately-When we delay the resolution of conflicts it allows more time for people to let the situation fester and create negative scenarios. Address a conflict when it arises and ill feelings will be doused before they have the opportunity to begin.
  7. Use positive language.
  8. Be proactive-Look for positive solutions to challenging situations. Don't wait to take action.

"The right attitude in the beginning insures success at the end." - John C. Maxwell

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