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Why cuddling is important to sexual satisfaction


I'm not going to lie-I'm a huge fan of cuddling. So when I found research that actually showed people (especially men!) received greater sexual satisfaction when they snuggled more before and after sex (as opposed to just rolling over and falling asleep...typical) I had to look into it more.  

As an American Society, everyone automatically assumes it is the women who need the cuddling and that emotional connection.  And why wouldn't we think this?  It is the female population that has much more opportunities for human touch than men do in many cultures.  Women hug or kiss on the cheek hello and goodbye, we do each other's hair, we put make up on one another.  The closest men get to touching other men is either a handshake or tackling during a football game.  Then there's the case of raising children.  Although men take a greater interest in child rearing now more than ever, the majority of households still have the mother touching the baby more often, feeding them, changing their diapers, etc.  What this all amounts to is this: Men, more so than women, may have an unmet nee for touch. 

Dr. Debby Herbenick is a certified Sex Therapist who has been doing research on just that.  She claims that " it is particularly important and satisfying for men to receive tough through holding hands, cuddling, sharing massages, bathing together or having sex.  Not only can touch promote the release of Oxytocin, but psychologically, touch can be a way to help someone feel love, cared for, reassured or desired."  I don't think any girl would complain about her beau cuddling too much.

So ladies, next time you want to have an intimate moment with your guy, Herbenick suggests taking off your clothes and just laying together, enjoying each other's bodies by only touching.  After sex, just cuddle and feel each other's heart beats.  Men-as lame and cheesy as this may sound to you, give it a shot.  You may have an unconscious need to be touched like this and hey, we promise cuddling isn't that bad.